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Biggest Events Still To Come!

50 Shades of Pride is in full swing, with much fun already had, but the biggest events are still to come and not to be missed! These upcoming events are listed below: June 5 Laser Tag day – Laser X-Treme, 44 Bond St E Oshawa – Contact Ben Murduff for details June 6 Ladies Pool and Darts Night […]

Pew Pew!!

Some upcoming events for those who like action-packed fun!  

The Vision Behind The Celebration

A task I have had in the back of my mind for the past few weeks is writing a sort of backstory or vision if you will, to describe how 50 Shades of Pride came to be, and I’ve finally caught that poetic inspiration the big authors and writers always talk about. I find this […]

Application Packages!!

Huzzah! Finally the application packages everyone has been inquiring about have been completed and made available to yours truly, so I shall make them available for you via the Apps tab I am about to create! The packages for Affiliate status and Sponsorship info as well as the Parade application will be available within the […]

Going to Ottawa!

This week’s focus: Making preparations for the Fierte Canada Pride AGM and Conference in our beautiful nation’s capital, Ottawa! Going there for the first time, I am very excited! To prepare for it, I will be uploading all sorts of information over Tuesday and Wednesday of this week so that attendees from across the country […]

1st Milestone: Unveiling and Site Fucntionality

Excitement for all today, as the theme for Durham Pride 2013 was unveiled and the website has been made live with functionality! Current Status: In process of putting together the basic pages and information that will be part of the site, nailing down specific details etc. Next Steps: As we get closer to June more […]