The Vision Behind The Celebration

A task I have had in the back of my mind for the past few weeks is writing a sort of backstory or vision if you will, to describe how 50 Shades of Pride came to be, and I’ve finally caught that poetic inspiration the big authors and writers always talk about. I find this is exactly the embodiment of the vision behind the celebration..

When the thought process began for Pride in Durham for 2013, the goal was to create something that would be memorable, and a major expansion from the 2012 season. We had a few events, a small parade and the first ever queer music festival, QueerStock. When the idea for the theme of 50 Shades of Pride came up, we knew we had it. It was going to be huge!

Just even at the theme reveal party hosted and Club 717 everyone who knew beforehand were fighting themselves not to blab and that made those who didn’t know even more anxious. Then came the reveal and the room was a mix of “Awesome!” excitement and shocked surprise followed by comments like “Genius!”, “Perfect!”, “Going to be epic!” and so on.

That was the moment that made all our hard work to come worth wanting to do. And soon the products of that work will be seen and enjoyed by all, as we present Durham Pride 2013!

3 Replies

  1. Blaise Gelinas

    Why is Out Lounge and Eatery denied from being official Durham Pride events? Pride is about coming together as one community, and standing with solidarity. I would like to know the reasons for Durham Pride shutting out OUT from being an official part of the festivities? We will not stop being there in the parade and holding our week long celebrations. Lets ALL be part of Durham Pride! 🙂

    • jesswebmaster

      You are correct that Pride is about coming together as one community, and as such all parties that are officially sanctioned as part of 50 Shades of Pride have contributed to our costs with the appropriate donation level for their organization. OUT Lounge was not willing to pay their appropriate share or submit the application forms despite us going out of our way on numerous occasions to include them, so we accepted that they were not interested in being a part of us this year.

  2. Pride Official

    Blaise, as a bartender there, you more than most people should know that the owners chose to not participate in Pride Durham’s Pride Week Celebrations. We have correspondence showing that on many occasions we invited them to participate, and had even allocated as many as 10 Shades of the 50 Shades of Pride for them. They were offered a discounted cost, and still did not want to participate officially. That is their decision, not ours, so you are incorrect in your statement that they have been barred. They were expected to pay a reasonable fee to help cover some of the considerable expenses in producing a Pride Parade and festival. That is also the practice in most other Pride organizations. It is also why we recognize those who truly support our community with Sponsor Logos, and this year “Official Shade” signs. To just allow your bar to enjoy the benefits and use of the trade mark “Pride” for free, while others paid is just not right. I trust that you, and others will understand this.